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Mission Cimbalom





Marius Preda

Cimbalom Player / Multi-Instrumentalist / Composer / Arranger / Improviser

Marius Preda is considered to be one of the most original, prolific and influential musicians in recent music history.

Preda has shared the stage with many renowned artists in the world of music:
Greats like: Arturo Sandoval, Gheorghe Zamfir, Vladimir Cosma and Didier Lockwood

Marius Preda was born in Bucharest (1977) into a family of musicians.
At the age of four, Marius received a special gift from his grandmother: a big, wooden trapezoidal box on 4 legs with metal strings stretched across its top: a Cimbalom.

Ever since, Preda fell in love with the instrument and dedicated all his time practicing and playing the exotic instrument. Because of his unique and charismatic playing, Preda has become the first cimbalom player in the history who has performed in some of the most prestigious concert halls, festivals and jazz clubs in the world.


  • Palais Des Congres – Paris
  • Grand Rex – Paris
  • Arena – Genève
  • Blue Note – New York
  • Ronnie Scott’s – London
  • Blue Note – Milan
  • Proms Festival – Prague
  • Théâtre du Châtelet – Paris 

In 1993, at the age of 16, Preda was invited for a concert tour in the Netherlands, starring as a special guest in the ensemble of the great panflute-player Nicolae Pirvu.

Shortly after, Preda decided to study jazz and vibraphone at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Preda graduated cum-laude and was given the nick-name “The Tiger of the Conservatory” a hommage to his virtuosic and energetic musical capabilities.

With all the skills that Preda accumulated over the years, Preda started to invent a new way of playing the cimbalom, a style only known and unique to him and presenting the cimbalom at the highest level possible.

Preda’s only mission - MISSION CIMBALOM - is to make the cimbalom a world wide known phenomenon.

In the past two decades, Preda has performed and contributed to:
Arturo Sandoval, Mike Stern, Vladimir Cosma, Rosenberg Trio, Didier Lockwood, Philip Catherine, Gheorghe Zamfir (Andreas Oberg “Six Strings Evolution” by Resonance Records - feat: Marius Preda, Decebal Badila, Antal Steixner, John Patitucci, Lewis Nash and Dave Kikoski) an Archibald Dance (no.4 on the album), Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Anne Ducros, Amikam Kimelman, Fifi Chayeb, Claude Salmieri, Rony Holan, Owen Hart Jr. Jens Loh, Leonid Ptashka, Adrian Cicero, Claus Reichstaller, Arie Volinez, Peter Weniger, Joris Teepe, Wolfert Bredorede, Adi Yeshaya, Robin Koerts, Taco Gorter, Paradox Jazz Orchestra, etc.





Mission Cimbalom Quartet -The Preda’s
Sunday - 01/22/2023 - Hour - 7:00 p.m
HOTEL ASAM - Straubing, Germany
The Preda’s
20th of March
Bozar - Brussels
The Preda’s
Sunday - 15/04/2023 - Hour - 7:00 p.m
Theater des Friedens - Doberaner Str. 5 Rostock
The Preda’s
14th of May 2023
The Hague
The Preda’s@Popradar
14th of May 2023
The Hague
The Preda’s @ ZOA Festival
Sunday - 20/05/2023 - Hour - 8:45 p.m
Kulturverein OIS-Musik Mittlerer Markt 26 3361 Aschbach-Markt
Solist with Vladimir Cosma
16, 17 & 18th June 2023
Grand Rex
Special guest with the Austrian-Hungarian Haydn Phil
for 2 concerts in Innsbruck at the legendary Cselley Mühle near Eisenstadt
25 - 26. 7. 2023
THE PREDA'S @ Jazz am Hof
Ausham 7, 94081 Fürstenzell
22nd of July 2023
Neustadt an der Aisch
29th of July 2023
The Preda’s
20th of October
Sunday – 01/22/2023 – Hour – 7:00 p.m
HOTEL ASAM – Straubing, Germany
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27th of March
Bozar – Brussels
Sunday – 15/04/2023 – Hour – 7:00 p.m
Theater des Friedens – Doberaner Str. 5 Rostock
14th of May 2023
Concert, Live Recording & Documentary
The Hague, The Netherlands
The Preda’s @ ZOA Festival
Sunday – 20/05/2023 – Hour – 8:45 p.m
Kulturverein OIS-Musik Mittlerer Markt 26 3361 Aschbach-Markt
8th of June 2023
Arena Francisc Neuman
Arad, Romania
Solist with Vladimir Cosma
16, 17 & 18th of June 2023
Grand Rex
Paris, France
22nd of July 2023
Jazz am Hof
Germany, Ausham 7, 94081 Fürstenzell
Special guest with the Austrian-Hungarian Haydn Phil
for 2 concerts in Innsbruck at the legendary Cselley Mühle near Eisenstadt
25 – 26. 7. 2023
29th of July 2023
Neustadt an der Aisch
20th of October
Novi Sad


The first concert-cimbalom was created in 1874 by the Czech- Hungarian- Jewish luthier Joszef Schunda, who lived from 1845 -1923.
The Cimbalom is the richest source of musical history and traditions that incorporates all the aspects of the early ancient instruments like the harp, the lyre and the medieval lute.
It includes every historical period of our times with all of the artistic and emotional changes, representing a real musical and creational treasure.
My mission is to reveal and share the importance of the cimbalom and to introduce the beauty and richness of its sounds to the entire world. Stay tuned!


Marius is one of the best musicians that I have worked with during my entire music career

Vladimir CosmaPraises

Marius is a gift from God for our own enjoyment.

Arturo SandovalPraises

Phenomenal technique and amazing jazz frases, all from the heart man

MIKE STERN ex Miles Davis Guitar playerPraises

Mission Cimbalom:Expect no less than a four on the floor sonic treat whether it’s revved up or slowed down. Wonderful.

Chris SpectorMidwest Record

Zzaj says: It gets a bit down & funky… that’s one of the things I enjoy so much about
Marius tunes… you never quite know what to expect – & that’s a very good
thing! Highly original and creative work that gets a MOST HIGHLY

Contemporary Fusion Reviewsgets to the meat of it on Marius Preda’s new album “Mission Cimbalom

100/100 SCORE. Frances says; “The compositions explore the technique of
creative expression at its best, keeping in mind the relationship between the
instruments should adhere to the principles of harmony to hold their
audience’s attention. Sounding like music to one’s ears is a standard that is
maintained throughout Preda’s recording.”

Susan FrancesMarius Preda receives a perfect score from Blogcritics writer

(brand new chart) with “Mission Cimbalom,” Featuring: Arturo Sandoval,
Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers, Tom Kennedy, Teymur Phell, Sanah Kadoura,
Taco Gorter & Robin Koerts.

Marius Preda takes the #1 slot on the NACCchart

For something ambitious and unique and so imaginative that it takes many hearings to gain all the pleasures, absorb this! Highly Recommended.

Grady HarpMarius Preda receives 5/5 Stars from Amazon’s Top 100 Writer for his album “Mission Cimbalom.”

Perhaps we can expect more focus the cimbalom in the future, and its ability to dig in and represent jazz, I think Preda makes an outstanding case for a leading role.

The Vinyl Anachronist, Phillips

He composed and arranged all the songs on offer and is accompanied by a rotation of wonderful players

Dave RogersWTJU

The 13 tracks are aloquent examples of Preda’s fusion worldview encompassing tango, folk, jazz and world with stops along the way to interpret Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. Its big close is Stern’s “198 Strings vs Stern & Preda. Highly Recommended.

Mike GreenblattGoldmine Magazine

“I hadn’t really paid that much attention what a cimbalom provides to various types of music. Having it be the main instrument in jazz music is intriguing. With this album, Marius Preda definitely brings the cimbalom front and center. I really enjoyed both the original compositions and the arrangements that Marius brought forth in this album.”

Bruce Von Stiers

Mission Cimbalom, is in thoroughly fulfilling his self-described mission to bring the cimbalom to the jazz world and keep this ancient instrument alive. This is certainly accomplished, as his cimbalom playing is the foundation from which the songs grow their gorgeous improvisations, and this maximizes the exotic flavor. The fact that he has done so without it ever feeling like the abundance of talent present was underutilized, is nothing short of noteworthy. Mission Cimbalom is a worthy listen for the far-ranging musical styles, virtuosic soloing and experiencing the Cimbalom, all performed with clear emotion and heart.

“All About Jazz”

Mission accomplished. It is exciting to see that an instrument that is new to most of us, is the focal point of an album.
The feel and production of the CD is polished and thoughtful, and listeners forget at times they are listening to an instrument that might be new to them.

“Lemon Wire”

Marius is the best of all - one of my heros!

Hans Zimmer



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